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Fun with Words BookEveryone who plans programs for residents and clients of aged care facilities needs resources to spark new ideas and keep energy levels high.

At ‘Life. Be in it’ we enjoy discovering, developing and re-sourcing those who work in nursing homes, hostels, day centres, community health agencies and other organisations.

All of our quality resources have either been created and produced by ‘Life. Be in it’ or sourced from other talented Australian artists, professionals and manufacturers.

We like to think that our resources provide practical inspiration for busy leaders and good times for participants.

Movement, Song & Dance

Includes our enormously popular and inspirational ‘Life. Be in it’ Best of Sitting Dances Kit as well as Singalong/Concert style DVD’s and CD.

Movement, Song & Dance

Quizzes, Crosswords, Books & Guides

Crossword puzzles with portable grids, friendly quizzes for every week of the year, exciting ways of exploring words, and activity and games books with masses of creative, multi-cultural ideas.

Memory Lane Crosswords
Dementia/Reminiscing Specific DVDs

Dementia/Reminiscing Specific DVDs

NEW! We’ve discovered a collection of terrific DVD’s featuring superb photographs on a range of favourite themes. Each DVD has a movie presentation of photos and soundtrack with no captions or commentary to disturb. Ideal for reminiscing therapy as well as providing fascinating backdrops for reflection and discussion.

A 'Life. Be in it' Community Program